Mobile and internet is creating tectonic shifts in the way
individuals work and lead their lives ......

...... and this is just the beginning

Company Profile

Handygo believes a lot many future activities will be carried out on the internet and on mobiles. It has therefore put in to practice a process of researching areas in which a lot of conveniences could be bought in. It conducts studies and surveys to understand needs and designs products to suit those needs. There is a new way of looking at things that were earlier missed.

We are the first company to develop Arabic content for targeting the mobile subscribers in the Gulf region. We were the first entity to introduce the most secure, robust and above all DRM-enabled multi-purpose mobile content delivery platform (MCDP) for MTN Nigeria.


Harness the power of mobile, internet and platforms, by creating product and solutions that closes knowledge gaps for consumers and enterprises.


  • Identify clear need gaps in urban and rural markets that can be solved by handheld devices and the internet.
  • Work through consortiums with content providers, marketing agencies and in partnership with telcos wherever required.
  • Keep innovation alive in the traditional business of value added based on consumer pull.
  • Provide a high level quality for all product, services and solutions.

Digital India

The announcement of Digital India programme by the Prime Minister is a great step in securing the future of India through good governance and transparency.

Digital India is a program to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Under this program the Govt. plans to cover uncovered 42300 villages with mobile connectivity, at a cost of Rs 16,300 cr by year 2018. This effort will go waste unless content providers provide appropriate content for the rural people based on their needs across geographies.

Common Service Centres (CSC) are to be made viable as end point of service delivery by March 2017 at a cost of Rs 4750 Cr to cover 2,50,000 villages. Mobile technology can create efficiencies in the process and the manner in which CSC can reach the farmers and other rural people.

Handygo would partake in this march forward by linking with various stake holders in various sectors, through the intent.


Our services are available on various technology formats and platforms defined by the requirements of the market place.

Applications and various platforms - Android, IOS, Windows, symbian, Flash

IVR - Interactive Voice Response
SMS - Short Messaging Service
WAP - Wireless Application Protocol

Handygo adapts various emerging technologies as and when required to suit the occasion. The products so created may be standard or customised. Our short code helps in that, 55678- is common across operators.