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Agromatic is a one stop portal focusing the need of stakeholders in Agriculture ecosystem be it a farmer, Government sector organizations and NGOs, Agriculture Institutions, Agri input companies, FPOs, Finance & Micro finance company or related company. It is highly reliable and meets quality standards. Agromatic helps to access relevant information, analyse data and support decision making thus increase profitability in agriculture sector.

Agromatic empower its user to effectively plan, manage and expand their business in an informed way. It provide a unique innovative and easy to manage platform to showcase the agriculture product to the targeted audience.

Agromatic is developed by in-house experts and can be customised as per the need of the customer.

Argiculture Information Service center

Empowering farmers by providing a highly personalized information service to the farming community based on

  • Spot prices of the crops across market of their choice
  • Localized weather forecast and weather based agriculture and livestock advisory
  • Crop & livestock related information, Government schemes and sources of funding and subsidy
  • Agriculture related important news
  • Agriculture and livestock related videos
  • Soil health and analysis

The Information covers every stage of the crop cycle, from pre-sowing to harvest and selling of crops enabling farmers to make informed decisions about their farming practices, reduce risk in agriculture and increase profit. The portal is customised as per farmer’s preferences of language, crops, markets place and location to make it impactful.

Argomatic Direct

Risk Mitigation Tools

Handygo has in-house web based tool for agri lending banks, agri & dairy procurement companies, warehouses and other agri related organizations to access accurate, unbiased, timely and customizable market price data, volume data and related information covering 300 crops and their varieties in around 3200 markets. It provides market intelligence for various crops. The tool is highly customizable which generate market data reports which can be integrated with client's systems.

The tool support organization by providing

  • Accurate data that minimizes commodity lending risks
  • Optimize loan to margin ratio = Extensive coverage of crops across mandi
  • Customisation option for specific needs & easily integration with clients system
  • Reduces agri commodity procurement costs through wider market coverage
  • Up-to-date reports of market trends and commodity movements on a daily basis

Argomatic Professional

Analytics and Engagement Tool

Agromatic Professional is a tool for providing data, insights and intelligence on farmers, farmer groups, commodities, mandi prices and news (local and national) to enterprise stakeholders; empowering them to effectively plan, manage and expand their business in an informed way. It supports organization to economically plan the resources and minimize the operational cost to maximise the profit.

The salient features of the product are

  • Updated information of farmer customers
  • Profile details and segmentation of farmer groups helping in lead generation for loans
  • Platform to showcase agriculture products
  • Advice producers on best market for lending their commodities
  • Risk estimation in agriculture and livestock
  • Regional language support

Kisan Connect

Agri produce marketing is the weakest link in the entire agriculture value chain. Small land holding, communication gap and lack of relevant market information lead to poor price realization for small and marginal farmers.

Kisan-Connect is an ICT based platform to aggregate agriculture communities. This service support together producer communities and agriculture businesses (agriculture buyers, sellers, service providers and government institutions) via an ICT based platform, creating efficiencies in the agriculture value chain. Kisan- Connect is a sophisticated, yet simple, multi-lingual interface which drive efficiency and transparency in the agricultural value chain by lowering costs and increasing profit to producers in a sustainable manner.

Kisan-Connect aim at breaking the boundaries of geography, information and access to technology for all participants in the agriculture ecosystem.

Smartphone Applications for Agri input & procurement organizations

We have in-house expertises for developing apps as per demand like

  • Specific agriculture product info application
  • Location based and utility based data segregation
  • Audio, video and text based content design
  • Include commodity price
  • Virtual farm manager
  • Weather
  • Buyer-Seller option
  • Transport –loading/unloading tracking mechanism
  • online e-books, research paper & Publication with digital
  • Customization as per requirement

Research and Development

We do pilot study, pilot project or pilot experiment, where we do small scale preliminary study conducted in order to evaluate feasibility, time, cost, adverse events, and effect size (statistical variability) in an attempt to predict an appropriate sample size and improve upon the study design prior to performance of a full-scale research project. The pilot project enables a core group to develop a process and work out any kinks before expanding the changes across the organization.

The objectives of conducting a pilot project are as follows

  • The learning help organisation to manage and minimize risk
  • Experiences gained in addressing ground realities in rural domain
  • Integration of pilots with existing networks from Blocks upwards
  • Synthesis of learning from the pilots and cross learning amongst stakeholders in execution strategy
  • Experience gained by participation with respect to deliverables committed by stakeholders
  • Synergise different stakeholders to work together and plan the template for pilot testing of concerned services

Monitoring and Evaluation

We support in sharing the Data logs and MIS of users of the service for the easy analysis of ICT tool and for need assessment of farmers. This will help the organization to understand the scope, potential, impact of their services/products in agriculture sector and accordingly they can plan or modify their offerings.