Mobile games are the fastest growing segment in the
world and is worth USD 22 bn in 2015

There will be 500 Mn handset by 2018 that will be internet enabled smart phones,
simply because people want to do more with their mobiles.


Handygo offers the most comprehensive range of applications and content for the entertainment, games and infotainment space. Some of our unique products are provide through our short code - 55678.

The aim of these services is to extend the entertainment value behind a phone. In todays's hectic world, these services will help users to roll up their spiritand enjoy the content. The games and services not only challenges are to think but also can get a chance to win attractive prizes!


  • One stop shop for various mobile games
  • Most games will have multiple levels to keep the caller engaged for longer time.
  • Simple & popular games – easy for the caller to understand and play.
  • Games to tickle your brain – learn while having fun!
  • Games available in Hindi, English & other regional languages.


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Fame on game

A one stop shop for various IVR games. User can play various games (Tambola, Ballebaaz, Roullete, Football etc) on IVR in their own regional language. It is a portal with more than 20 games accessible from anywhere.

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Bollywood Challenge

A unique entertaining portal on IVR where user can answer questions based on Bollywood. Also get latest information on celebrities you like the most.Available in all regional languages.

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Filmy Khel

A bollywood based quiz portal with questions mimicked in the voice of famous celebrities.

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A unique portal on IVR to know unknown facts based on great battle of epic Ramayana and Mahabharata. At the same time user can also play quiz based on the epics.

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Bhakti Gyan

Money matters a lot!! This unique portal on IVR gives you information and tips on increasing wealth. Listen to various Mantras and Jaaps, know and follow most effective Vastu and Feng shui tips.

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A one stop portal for fun and entertainment on IVR and SMS. User can listen to fresh jokes, latest bollywood mimicry, shayari and lot more all at your fingertips.

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G.K based quiz

A SMS based quiz where user can give answer to various knowledge based questions and get a chance to win prizes.

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Jodi, Vivah

A SMS based unique entertaining service where user can give their partner's name and check the compatibility with them as a lover, friend or life partner. It’s a fun based service.