There are no old roads to new destinations


Innovation is the hallmark of any change that we have created. Handygo has some firsts to its state that has been recognized through awards.

  • We are the first company that has developed content in Arabic language for targeting the mobile subscribers in the Gulf region.
  • We were the first entity to introduce the most secure, robust and above all DRM-enabled multi-purpose mobile content delivery platform (MCDP) for MTN Nigeria.
  • Handygo technologies initiatives have improved the lives of more than 9 million rural people belonging to Agriculture and allied Sector. With a clear perspective of promoting inclusive growth and sharing knowledge several innovative programs have been leveraged through consistent research in the field of agriculture. The entire agriculture based information is transformed in 18 regional languages to ensure regional content delivery. The content is segregated at state level and at district level to ensure valuable content delivery and increase its impact.
  • Location based service was introduced in Behtar Zindagi to disseminate agro based advisory to the farmers.
  • Handygo provides a virtual market platform on IVR for buyers and sellers in agricultural and allied sector. Seller and Buyer can update their requirement with respects to location and commodity. This platform help buyer seller to contact and as per need go for actual transaction. We act as a medium to connect rural community with various services present in India.
  • Handygo has developed a unique call center and query recording platform in Agriculture sector, where user can directly connect with the experts to get solutions of his/her agriculture based queries. Farmers can also record and seek solution to their query related to agriculture & livestock.
  • Handygo through its subsidy Rockstand digital, created an application that has reached information and knowledge across India. It has been created with the potential to go global. It has over 1 lac titles from over 5000 Publishing houses. It is available on Android and Iphone.